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Shannon Lacy is a talented rap artist, songwriter, music producer, and now on-air radio personality. She is also an accomplished drummer/percussionist who has performed/recorded with the likes of Sam Bostic (Art & Soul),Rob Reason (Con Funk Shun), Rosie Gaines (Prince NPG), Dwayne Wiggins (Tony Toni Tone) and Percussion Great Babatunde Lea.

Shannon's show Urban Masterpiece" features old and new school rap and hip-hop plus with a dash of R&b, jazz and or gospel, depending on how she's feelin. She has featured many interesting guests such as local artists and music producers.

Growing up in Vallejo, Shannon is the daughter of William Lacy, longtime roadie for Con Funk Shun. Shannon's passion for music earned her the respect of her dad who made sure his little girl always played on top-of-the-line music equipment. Shannon has maintained her high standards ever since. By the age of 15 Shannon had won a Billboard award for musical performance and writing for the song, "Ain't No Player". She now writes for a host of artists including RBL POSSE, NUTTSO, and SEAN T.

Her talent, drive and upbeat personality have earned her respect in the business. She was honored to open for Erykah Badu, Queen Latifah and Jill Scott at the Sugar Water Fest at the Concord Pavillion in August of last year.

Her debut CD, "Urban Masterpiece" (for which her radio shown is named) demonstrates Ms. Lacey's knack for adding a nice dose of old-school r&b to her modern hip-hop/rap mix. In addition to singing and playing most of the instruments, Shannon acted as her own producer for the project and learned she has an amazing ear for it

Shannon's latest project, the "Ladies of the Bay" compilation is due out soon. Ozcat Radio is proud to be spinning the title song which features many Bay Area female rappers such as Malika Ubaka (Making of The Band),and Shorty B. A true collaborator, Shannon was happy to feature the women of the west Coast hyphy movement.

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