Singer Songwriter David Martin presents his new album "King David's Throne", featuring hit single "Anyway" plus "Chillin'" (feat. Reggae Godfada Rankin Scroo). Music samples, photos, news, message board, store, more...

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"King David

David Martin and his remarkable debut album “King David’s Throne" is filled with pure musical entertainment with a sound that embellishes the best of pop, rock and reggae sensibilities. You will be smitten by Martin’s golden voice and sincere appeal in the sure hit “Anyway.”

“King David’s Throne,” is one album you need to have
in your musical collection!

King David's Throne is an album full of sunshine and
fine ear candy. There is no question David Martin
and Martel Records have arrived!
Listen to original song samples.
David Martin - "Anyway" - featured single, music video
Biography / Music Career Highlights of David Martin
Original Songs from King David's Throne, including Anyway plus Chillin' featuring Rankin Scroo
Photo Gallery of Reggae Pop Artist David Martin
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 Cast of Anyway Music Video Starring David Martin; AW Feidler Director

"Anyway" received enough nationwide airplay to become a "charting single" with Radio & Records.
"Anyway" was also made into a gorgeous music video directed by AW Feidler.

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